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All About Me

As a woman in my fifties, the proud owner of a wellness brand, and champion of other women, I’ve learned that embracing healthy aging isn't just a choice; it's a commitment. It's about consistency, not perfection, in prioritising my wellbeing above all else.

In 2017, I embarked on a wellness journey and I haven’t looked back. Little did I know that being introduced to Isagenix by a trusted friend would be a turning point for my life. My whole attitude towards health and wellbeing changed and feeling better became my compass. Not only did the products support me from the inside out, but I felt empowered to discover my strength and self-worth.

After several years of reaping the benefits of this new way of life, I had a vision to do more than just sell the products I loved and that is how Your Best Life evolved. It was about building a community and supporting others – not just on their wellbeing journey but in business – through helping them achieve their financial goals, organising events and partnering with like-minded brands looking for additional revenue streams.


Amidst the noise of the market and often conflicting information around collagen, supplements and gut health, I stand firm in my commitment to only offer products I believe in—ones that have transformed my own life.


What I am most proud of, second only to my gorgeous boys, is that I started a business where I make a difference in people’s lives and have launched a brand which I truly believe in and am passionate about sharing with others.

Investing in myself, prioritising self-care and extending that care to others has changed my story. What started as a quick fix has turned into a lifetime solution that keeps evolving. Every day, I show up in my business with energy and enthusiasm because I found my ‘best’ and am driven by the desire to help others find theirs too.

With love 


“James and I have found Bex to be incredibly authentic, generous with her support and lack of judgement, completely dedicated to tailoring her service and expertise to meet her client’s needs and 100% reliable. We recommend working with her unreservedly.”


Victoria Fletcher

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