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Adaptogen Elixir

Sparkling black tea kombucha

Mother Nature gave us all the ingredients we need to naturally manage stress – we’ve just put them all in one place.


Daily stress affects everything. Fortunately, Adaptogen Elixir by Isagenix helps your body adapt to the negative impact of stress, so every day can be your best day. The unique blend of healing herbs, botanicals and adaptogens blended with sparkling Kombucha tea creates a time-tested yet modern way of helping your body adapt to stress. With no added sugar or mystery ingredients it’s a simple solution to whatever stress the day brings.


  • Powerful adaptogen and botanical blend designed to help adapt the mind and body to stress

  • Sparkling Kombucha black tea blend helps balance your body naturally

  • Adaptogens help fight fatigue and improve mental clarity


What’s inside?



a time-tested relaxation adaptogen used throughout the world



a versatile adaptogen that aids physical and mental stress



also known as the endurance adaptogen, it fights physical fatigue



a healing herb which is used to help support the immune system and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties


Eleuthero Root

aids better focus and improved cognitive function


Sparkling Kombucha black tea

keeps the body balanced and feeling its best


This refreshingly tart kombucha tea flavour is complemented with a subtle hint of rose and is the perfect alternative to your high-sugar, high-caffeine energy drinks. At just a little more than a cup of coffee, and a lot less than a glass of wine, you can sip your way to serenity. Take once a day, or as required for that extra support.


Is there alcohol or caffeine in Adaptogen Elixir?

Isagenix Adaptogen Elixir is alcohol-free and provides less than 7 milligrams of caffeine per serving. Kombucha is traditionally prepared using black tea leaves fermented with sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast or “SCOBY.” During the natural fermentation process, acetic acid, beneficial probiotics, and a small amount of alcohol are produced. Before being blended with Adaptogen Elixir, the naturally occurring alcohol is completely removed to create an alcohol-free kombucha.


Want to stock the fridge at work with Adaptogen Elixir kombucha and give your team a healthy, uplifting option that’s not coffee or wine? Get in touch to find out how…

How I use it, why I love it…

I love the tasty kombucha base and the adaptogens are a bonus! I know a lot of people use the elixir during the day for stress at work, but I personally use it just before bed. For me, it’s the perfect way to calm my mind and help me wind right down.

As someone going through the joys of menopause, sleep is golden and I’ve found this little bottle of magic gives me both an uninterrupted sleep and has me feeling more refreshed when I wake. I am all about the feels and this makes a big difference.




Want to try 10 days of Adaptogen Elixir with our 30 day money-back guarantee?


If you’re in New Zealand: ORDER HERE >

We ship worldwide! If you are outside of New Zealand GET IN TOUCH and we’ll send you a special link to order – it’s easy.

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