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My credentials

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

When I talk to people about what I do they often ask me what my credentials are. What makes me an expert on skincare or wellness products? How do I know how to run a successful business? Where is my certificate or diploma?

And I usually take a deep breath, centre myself and politely explain…

Rebecca Popovic at the beach

I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a scientist, I don’t have an MBA or a certificate in business coaching. I’m someone who started using Isagenix products in 2017 and was completely blown away by how good I felt… like, I hadn’t felt that good in years.

People started to notice and asked me what I was doing – so I shared my experience – what I had done, what I had used and what I had learnt. People wanted to try it too. In all honesty, when I first started sharing the products with others, I was just happy that in doing so I was able to cover the cost of what I was using myself. I enjoyed helping others on their journey and supporting them to find the right system that worked for them. However, at that point what mattered most was that I had found something that worked for me, products I believed in that were made by a company whose values and ethos really resonated with me. It felt natural to recommend it to others and the business side of things naturally evolved from there.

So, for four years I used the products and supported others on their wellbeing journey – whether it was for weight loss, increased energy, healthier skin. Over time, as my reputation grew, more people came to me who not only wanted to use the products but were interested in creating a business selling them, and so I helped set them up for success.

In 2019, with two other powerhouse women we launched Your Best Life – a community to support people on their wellness journey with Isagenix. We ran events and developed a tried and tested framework for people wanting to take these products and create a successful business.

So, no marketing degree? Nope. No business coaching certificate? Nope.

While I like to say my life began again at fifty, I certainly clocked up some life experience prior to this – none of which went to waste. For ten years I worked on super yachts, managing crews, motivating, energising teams and providing exceptional service to an elite clientele who expected nothing but the best – integrity, discretion and attentiveness. And for five years I supported the family renovation business, managing the accounts and ensuring the operations ran smoothly.

Everything I’ve done has been about building relationships. What I’ve learnt about myself, about others and about life can’t really be encapsulated in a piece of paper or a qualification.

So what are my credentials?

My heart is my credential.

My story is my credential.

My life, my perseverance, my integrity.

My bravery, my pain.

All my credentials.

I have learnt to lead myself, but also learn from others. Through my wellness journey and healing myself – physically, emotionally and spiritually, I discovered that my strength is my super power. I am my own stamp of approval and as my belief in myself grows, my future and the future of my kids keeps looking brighter.

The best part – I show up to my business with energy and enthusiasm every single day because I believe in what I do, I believe in myself and I believe that I can help others live their best life too.


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