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Five healthy swaps to get your mojo back

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If you’re in a slump and ready to get back on track, here are five healthy hacks to help you on your way.

1. Switching up the bedtime routine

Menopause has really forced me to make some changes to ensure I get those precious hours of shuteye. I’m a busy person, with a busy life and a busy head. Sometimes when I get into bed it’s like an open invitation for all my thoughts to have a party. Instead of Netflix, scrolling on my phone and eating cheese and crackers, I’ve started a simple bedtime meditation practice which helps me wind down. I’ve also started taking our Adaptogen Elixir just before bed which helps to balance me out and manage stress naturally. This has been a game changer for my sleep!

2. Changing your mindset

Making this change takes daily discipline and commitment to keep backing up day after day. For me, the days started to add up and before I knew it my life had begun to change. These days, I make time every morning to set my intention for the day ahead, reflect on what I am grateful for and use affirmations to get me into the right headspace. This has to happen before the boys get up so I’ve had to carve out time to make this practice a priority. Because of better sleeping habits and starting my day with Marine Collagen Elixir on an empty stomach, I’m not rolling out of bed exhausted and reaching for coffee right away which makes it easier.

3. Protein pacing through the day

This has been a game-changer for me in terms of how I feel throughout the day. It has helped with increased energy and means I’m no longer reaching for sweets to help me through the mid-afternoon sugar crashes. Learning to protein pace, which essentially means having small portions of protein throughout the day, has giving me sustained energy and means I’m no longer loading up on carbs and sugar in the hope they will get me through.

4. Stop focussing on the scales

For years I judged how well I was doing or how good I looked based on what the scales told me. As a woman in my early fifties I am just not prepared to spend any more time obsessing over numbers. Life is too short! While it’s always nice to drop a few kilos and feel comfy in my clothes, the past few years I’ve started to focus more on my confidence and looking at what is behind my emotional eating. Putting more focus on my emotional and spiritual wellbeing and seeking support in this area has actually helped me feel better from the inside out.

5. Fasting and hydration

Anyone who knows me knows I love my food and if you’d told me several years ago that I would come to fast regularly and love it, I would have thought you were crazy! I have found regular fasting not only helps to cleanse me from the inside out, it has been so good for my gut health and my skin. I also love coffee, but coffee dehydrates me and because I’m not prepared to give it up, I have had to really up my hydration. This means my water bottle goes with me everywhere and I not only flush my digestive system but give it a welcome break.

If you’re looking to make some healthy swaps to get your wellbeing on track, and you’d like to know more, please reach out. I’m always happy to have a chat and share


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